Monday, January 17, 2011

China cabinet or Hutch redo

Not sure what you call this but I scored this piece of furniture this weekend
FOR FREE yes I said FREE lol my bf's cousin moved into a house
where a lady left some furniture behind and he didnt want it so I snatched it up
knowing it had potential.

Yes it's very outdated, but after surfing the web
and seeing lots of cabinet redos, I'm confident I can make this old baby shine that is
with your help of course :)

First off not sure what color to use and I am not gonna paint it according to what else
is in the room mainly because the carpet and furniture colors in there are gonna change
when I get the money to change them, so with that said I want to decide between

why these colors? because they seem neutral and safe no matter what I chose to paint the wall or put in there.

Next I know you're gonna ask me what style do I want primitive/country, shabby, traditional
I'm not really going for a style in particular so not sure what to say about that;
however, the room I'm placing it in is half DEN and half dining room, I will have one wall full of shelving that I'm planning on painting white with a gray background this will be on the den side of the room and over on the dining side of this room is where this china cabinet will go. I will have a long wooden table made the top will be stained wood the legs will be painted and what color I have no idea yet, but probably to match this piece. Chairs will be either micro suede in a tan color covered or a faux brown leather look, and again all of this is just talk for right now if I get the pieces made over that I actually have that will dictate what I do with the rest of the room and furniture later on.

Is everything clear as mud now? lol so please view the following inspiration photos of china cabinet makeovers I'm about to post a poll after this post please VOTE which one you like best. This piece will not be just for looks yes I want it to look pretty but I will use it to store dishes that I will use everyday so I will be in and out of this cabinet a lot so I want it functional

here are the inspiration photos....... ABOVE is the poll please pick
your favorites there :) You can choose multiple answers. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help :) If you have any more comments about it please post under this thread.

 removed the glass and put beadboard inside and painted it black

Chair up did her's in GRAY and you all know I love gray I just cant get
the right color mixed LOL LOOK how she added the glass door detail
the (X) inside them not sure I can do that because mine has something
painted on the glass not sure how to get that off

 white and kept the glass doors
black with white beadboard back

painted with fabric or paper put in the doors

This one sort of has the same style she kept the glass inserts with the
design on them 

This one is a lot like mine they kept the glass doors  
Painted White and painted blue inside


  1. Well, I have to vote for, although I do like the blue one also.

  2. everyone LOVES yours Debbi :) you did an awesome job on it you should come redo mine for me lol